Leja slides - 20 µm

photo Leja slides - 20 µm

Leja slides - 20 µm

Ref. 025107-025108

Leja slides are the most accurate fixed-depth slides on the market. Leja calibrated slides provide the accuracy and precision needed to reliably analyze semen. Leja slides facilitate analyses standardization.  

Ref. 025107-025108

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The Leja slide, more precise and reliable than its competitors, perfectly meets the requirements of CASA systems. It allows the standardization of analyses for repeatable and objective measurements.

This is why it is widely used by seed production centres, veterinarians and research centres.

High technology and precision

The accuracy of semen analysis is essential because it has a direct impact on the dilution rate calculated by CASA, which impacts the economic result.

The accuracy of a calibrated slide is related to the consistency of the chamber height. Leja has developed a production technique that allows it to certify a constant height. Leja is the only manufacturer able to issue this certification.

To achieve this, Leja has implemented a drastic quality control:

  • control and traceability of raw materials
  • toxicity control
  • height control
  • 18-point visual inspection....

High-tech materials

The high quality of the glass used gives a true picture of the quality of the seed read at CASA. The production of the blades in clean rooms limits any risk of dust being deposited on the blade, which avoids reading errors and makes the analysis even safer.

All the elements used are non-spermicidal and a toxicity control on the seed is carried out on each batch. A certificate of analysis is issued for each batch.

Control of chamber filling

Filling the chamber is one of the most important steps for reliable counting and sperm motility control. To ensure perfect reproducibility, the filling of the chambers by capillary action is optimized thanks to an exclusive coating. The sperm do not stick to the blade and the distribution of the seed is uniform, without the formation of bubbles.

These specificities favour the standardization of the procedure and the precision of the measurements for a better return on investment of the user.

Training sessions and IMV support

Improve your knowledge in sample preparation

Improve your skills in slides handling

Assimilate the standadization of the slides with CASA system

Ref. :

025107 4 chambers
025108 8 chambers