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Ref. 024911-028506

IVOS II is an integrated system for animal semen analysis, for both dose production and quality control evaluation.

Ref. 024911-028506

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It allows to analyze a sample in a few seconds in order to find the concentration and the quality of the semen (motility, as well as morphological anomalies). It thus makes it possible to objectively characterize an ejaculate and to determine the volume of media that needs to be added and the number of doses to be produced.

IVOS II is customizable to fit different ways of working in AI centers. It can be used for production, quality control and for research.

It has a new integrated heated stage that is smoother and faster. With the new drive motor, IVOS II can now go from the maximum speed to the initial speed in an instant.

The processing power is improved by the latest INTEL i-Series technology. With a minimum of 4 simultaneous processing wires, IVOS II is faster than ever.

Inputs have been added to the front panel of the equipment to provide the user with a better experience.

The Stage LOAD button is now separated from the JOG buttons to prevent inadvertent loading and unloading.

- Four high-speed USB 2.0 ports for easy data transfer and external device connection.

- Blu-ray DVD reader/writer

- AC/DC power supply

- Large high-definition monitor

- The wireless keyboard and mouse reduce the footprint of the work area

- 1 TB hard drive 6.0/sec 7200 rpm

- Ethernet ports

Manual heated stage


028506 IVOS II Fluorescence

024911 IVOS II


Barcode reader for IVOS II

This reader identifies the ejaculate before semen analysis. More information

HTB electronic scale for IVOS II

Scale with RS 232 or USB output that allows connection to eSmile. More information

Individual track data

More information

Subpopulation creation

More information

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