Deep insemination catheter for mares

photo Deep insemination catheter for mares

Deep insemination catheter for mares

Ref. 019839

815 mm long catheter with atraumatic ball, for inserting into the uterine horns.

Ref. 019839

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Each catheter is individually rapped and gamma sterilized with a sanitary oversheath.

A secure silicone connector ensures a tight seal with a variety of syringes, can also be used with 0,5ml straws.

Ergonomic profile: will help to slide smoothly against the endometrium.

The longest on the market for deep insemination in large size mares.

Must be used with stylet for equine AI deep catheter - 019892


Stylet for intrauterine insemination catheter

Used to push the straw into the catheter and then push the straw's plug to release More information