Copolymere Glove

Copolymere Glove

Ref. 024183

Perfectly designed for procedures requiring an excellent tactile touch and perfect accuracy (ultrasounds, palpitations, etc.).

Ref. 024183

Packaging and sales unit

1000 gloves: 10 boxes of 100 gloves


This silky copolymer glove provides working comfort thanks to its sensitivity, as well as its removable fastener (bracelet), which provides the glove with a good grip during the veterinary procedure you are performing. It is suitable for all hand sizes, with four sizes available.

Thickness 23µ

Clear color

Resistance ***

Sensitivity *****

Odor protection **

027817 - Size S - Length 920 mm

024185 - Size M - Length 1000 mm

024183 - Size L - Length 1000 mm

027922 - Size XL - Length 1000 mm


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