Collectis black dummy

photo Collectis black dummy

Collectis black dummy

Ref. 026822

Stainless steel coated dummy for collecting boar semen: adjustable, easy to clean and comfortable.

Ref. 026822

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  • Manufactured with stainless steel, washable and decontaminable materials
  • Ergonomically designed: the height can be adjusted to suit the boar’s body shape
  • After collection, the semen is kept safe underneath the dummy
  • Silent dummy to reduce stress for the boar


Non-slip mat

Mat for better floor adhesion during collection150 x 100 cm More information

Non-powdered glove

Protects the collector's hand. More information

Sensitive glove

The IMV sensitive glove was specially designed for inseminations and examinations, made More information

Filters Ø 240 mm

These filters are used to filter the ejaculate after collection. More information

White boar semen collection thermos

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Graduated 400cc plastic beaker

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400cc beaker lid

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Graduated jug - 3 liters of plastic

Jug used for the manual collection of boar semen, it is lined with a Dilbag (005285). More information

Perforated 3-liter dilbag

Bag for collecting boar semen during manual collection. More information

Overboots with elastics

Polyethylene overboots with 43x53 cm double elastics for heavy-duty use. More information