3-way flushing equipment ø 6 mm

photo 3-way flushing equipment ø 6 mm

3-way flushing equipment ø 6 mm

Ref. 006355

3-way catheter for collecting embryos.

Ref. 006355

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It has one way to fill the cuff, one way to introduce the flushing medium, and one to collect embryos.

Length: 58 cm


Flexible tube for ø 6 mm catheter

Length 2 m More information

T connecting tube

For embryo collection equipment, 6 mm diameter. Used to connect silicone tube for 6 and More information

Luer-lock valve for catheter

Luer-lock valve for 3-way catheter More information

Extendable graduated ø 6 mm catheter

Extendable catheter with black graduations, 6 mm diameter More information

Luer-lock 50 mL syringe

This syringe can be used to flush medium into the catheter, or to fill the artificial vagi More information

Pliers for setting cuffs

They are used to set cuffs on 3-way and 2-way catheters. More information

Syringe adapter

More information

Small white clamp

Regulates the flow of medium into the system. More information

Disposable cuffs for 3-way catheter

Made of latex. More information