What is the Collectis?

Collectis is an automated system to collect boar semen. 

An artificial vaginal, fitted with a flexible membrane is hooked to the boar's penis. 

A pneumatic system controlled by a PLC sends varying pressures during collection to the membrane 

in order to imitate the uterine contractions of the sow. 

This stimulates the boar's penis better

What does the Collectis contain?

One regulation unit (PLC) , 2 control handles, 2 vagina kit supports, 6 artificial vaginas and a start-up consumables --kit (1000 liners, 2 stainless steel needle, silicone oil to assemble the vagina)

How long does it take for a technician to get used to Collectis?

Training for Collectis is really easy. 

Technicians need one to 2 weeks maximum to get used to it and enjoy its benefits.

Where can the Collectis be installed?

The Collectis should preferably be installed in a collection pit but a standard collection room is fine as well

What is the advantage of Collectis regarding semen?

Collectis is an automated way to collect boar semen. 

Therefore there is no contact between the technician and the animal during the collection. 

Moreover, since there is no contact between the penis and the boar's skin impurities or ambient dust are not going into the semen. 

With Collectis, semen contains up to 10 times less bacterial contaminations than manual methods. Moreoever, 

the concentration (million of spz per ml) will be higher with the Collectis than manually.