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Ref. 007262

The Digitcool controlled rate freezer respects fundamental thermodynamic principles to preserve the integrity of cells. This model is the best approach to freeze straws on metal racks.

Ref. 007262

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To maximize the viability of sperm cells, the critical temperature lowering stages must be carefully controlled. The initiation of ice crystal formation – nucleation or seeding – must be strictly controlled to ensure optimal crystal size and shape. Digitcool’s perfect airtightness and insulation, its power and its constant regulation of data parameters, allow the user to determine optimal freezing curves, and provide simple and accurate repetition. Temperatures are constantly and precisely monitored by two separate probes (chamber and product) to ensure that the main freezing stages are perfectly controlled.

Digitcool freezers are used for the cryopreservation of any biological product (semen, plasma, blood cells, tissue, gametes, etc.).

Sample capacity: 5250 mini straws or 3000 medium straws

The chamber contains 30 freezing racks

Ideal with Pressurized 120 liter LN2 container with hose and wheels

Controlled deep freezing

Respected fundamental thermodynamic principles to preserve the integrity of gametes.

Enhances your Standard Operating Procedures

Stainless steel Digitcool freezers are fully programmable and easy to disinfect.


Rugged and reliable

  • Designed and manufactured by IMV Technologies
  • Eurotherm temperature controllers with quick-release probes
  • Zero frigorie loss and optimized nitrogen consumption:
  • 100% 304 L polished stainless steel casing / Argon Tig welds / 95 mm thick walls with polyurethane foam insulation
  • Aeronautics technology connectors

Advanced Control Software

  • Intuitive and secure operating and monitoring controls
  • Production and research tools (up to 99 segments per curve and unlimited number of curves)
  • Real-time display of 3 temperature curves (freezing chamber /product / theoretical)
  • Win 3T software design providing secure access by administrators and users
  • Easy freezing curve parameter definition
  • Intuitive visual display of each stage and process
  • Fail-soft capability: possibility to operate the unit without Win 3T software or PC

Ease of operation and safety

  • Opaque insulated lid preventing UV effect on sperm
  • Stackable and easy to remove freeze racks
  • Ergonomic design to facilitate the manipulation of straws (loading / unloading)
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Vapor evacuation at rear of unit
  • Microswitch stops turbine automatically when lid is opened


  • Automated recording of freezing curves for each sire
  • Uniform and repeatable freezing cycles
  • Process isolated from any possible human or external environmental influence
  • Printed traceability of the freezing process, as required for ISO qualification

External dimensions : 1170 x 800 x 1000 mm

Internal dimensions : 960 x 470 x 320 mm

Weight : 130 kg - Volume: 150 L

Air displacement : 2 750 rpm / 1360 m3/h

Dimensions and weight : 360 x 370 x 150 mm / 7 kg

Working temperature : -145°C to +45°C

Cooling rate : -0.1°C to -60°C / minute

Operating pressure : 1.8 to 2 bars / 26.1 to 29 psi

Nitrogen consumption per cycle : 13 to 15 liters

Power : 2500 W - Voltage : 220V/50Hz/16A


WIN 3T v2 software

Software for Digitcool More information

Freezing rack for 175 mini straws

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Freezing rack for 100 medium straws

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Distribution block for 175 mini straws

To easily put pre-frozen straws onto freeze racks. More information

Distribution block for 100 medium straws

To easily put pre-frozen straws onto freeze racks. More information

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