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Ref. 025881-027146

BactiBag is IMV Technologies' latest innovation for swine semen packaging to answer the increasing challenge of controlling bacterial contamination in semen.

Ref. 025881-027146

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The presence of bacteria in swine semen creates competition for nutrients with the sperm cells and results in metabolic byproducts that may harm the spermatozoa. Bacteria release toxins like lipopolysaccharides (LPS) during their life and multiplication, as well as when they die.

The presence of bacteria in extended boar semen is associated with decreasing semen quality and reproductive performances.

Currently, part of the bacteria-fighting solution is still adding antibiotics to extended semen. However, bacteria present in swine semen are becoming more resistant to common antibiotics. It is therefore more and more frequent to use latest generation antibiotics or to increase quantity to control bacterial development. Our goal is to bring an alternative to the latest generation antibiotics.

We coated the inside of the BactiBag® with a specific Bacteriostatic molecule, BactiGuard. When in contact with the bacteria, BactiGuard intercalates itself into bacterial cell membranes and disrupts membranes' activities without causing leaking of intracellular components. In this way membranes are more porous and the uptake of nutrients and the bacterial growth are prevented. BactiGuard also blocks fatty acid biosynthesis (necessary for multiplication).

This results into two effects:

  • Significant slowdown of bacteria multiplication
  • Increase of bacteria membrane permeability (especially for Gram -) and therefore of the effectiveness of antibiotics

Bactibag® is part of a complete solution enabling you to prevent the growth of bacteria in pig semen. The method used to collect the semen is also very important. Discover our Collectis, an automated gathering collection system that provides the highest level of hygiene. Also discover NutriXcell Plus, our preservation medium that, used jointly with the Bactibag® enables you to significantly increase the mobility and viability of the spermatozoa.

The Bactibag® pig semen bag is designed for use on GTB 1000 V3 or GTB 250 machines. It can be used with catheters for uterine or intrauterine insemination (post-cervical).


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