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IMV announces the appointment of Philippe Gravier as CEO




L’Aigle, October 2, 2017 IMV Technologies Group (IMV), world leader in assisted reproduction biotechnologies announces the appointment of Philippe Gravier as CEO of IMV Technologies, effective September 29, 2017.

Philippe Gravier succeeds Gilles de Robert de Lafregeyre, who will join the supervisory board of IMV Technologies as Vice-Chairman.

Before joining IMV Technologies, Philippe Gravier was head of Aviva Vie, a life insurance subsidiary of insurance group Aviva, and CEO of Médipôle Partenaires, a French private hospitalization group.

Since the appointment of Gilles de Robert as CEO in 2006, IMV Technologies has experienced sustained growth. The backing provided by the group’s successive shareholders and a consistently high level of investment has allowed IMV to achieve a level of quality and customer service that is considered one of the best in the industry.

Jacques Pancrazi, Managing Director at Qualium Investissement, majority shareholder of IMV Technologies, declared: “In the name of the supervisory board, I would like to thank Gilles de Robert for everything he has brought to IMV Technologies since joining the Group in January 2006. Gilles has added a new dimension to the Group’s innovation and international development. He has also been remarkably successful in implementing many acquisitions and in ensuring their integration into the Group, thus enhancing IMV Technologies’ position as world leader in reproduction biotechnologies.”

Gilles de Robert de Lafregeyre, Vice-Chairman of IMV Technologies’ Supervisory Board, says: It is with great confidence that we appoint Philippe Gravier as Chairman of the Management Board at IMV Technologies. He will capitalize on IMV’s investments and drive IMV Technologies to the next significant stage of its development. Philippe can count on the full backing of the board of directors and of the supervisory board, who will provide all the resources he requires to implement his projects.”

Philippe Gravier adds: “I am very happy to join the IMV Technologies Group today and I thank Qualium Investissement and Gilles de Robert de Lafregeyre for their trust. In synergy with all the IMV Technologies teams, we will continue the ambitious innovation-focused policy, which is one of the core reasons behind the group’s success. The group’s position in international markets, and specifically in emerging markets, sets us up for dynamic organic growth and great external growth opportunities.”

About IMV Technologies

Created in 1963 and based in L’Aigle (Orne, northwest France), IMV Technologies achieved a turnover of €77m in 2016, of which approximately 85% is related to assisted animal reproduction. With five subsidiaries around the world (USA, India, China, Italy and Netherlands) and a network of distributors in more than 120 countries, IMV Technologies generates more than 80% of its revenues from export sales. The Group has five production sites: L’Aigle, Rambouillet, Angoulème, Shanghai and Amsterdam. IMV Technologies also operates in the life sciences sector since 1987, replicating its expertise in cryopreservation solutions to biological samples in the field of biobanking and medically assisted procreation.


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