IETS 2015 in Versailles: IMV was gold sporsor

The 41st annual conference of the International Embryo Transfer Society took place in Versailles, France. We were thrilled this event was taking place... Read more …  ]

INRA 96: Place your orders early !

Worldwide, from Australia to the United States, from Japan to Argentina or from Cuba to China, this past season INRA 96 showed again its superiority. ... Read more …  ]

Eurotier 2014

Organized every 2 years in Hanover, Eurotier is the world’s leading trade fair for animal production. Read more …  ]

Fourth International Conference on Bovine Reproduction

HUMECO, in collaboration with IMV Technologies, are glad to announce the Fourth International Conference on Bovine Reproduction. Read more …  ]

Aquaculture range

A complete solution for aquaculture reproduction ! Read more …  ]

8th edition of VIV China

Held in Beijing, from the 23rd to the 25th of September, the VIV salon attracted some of the major porcine and poultry farmers in China. Read more …  ]

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